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"The life of a magical girl isn't easy!  That's why it's nice to have each other."


Kotori Mori has always looked up to her father.  As one of her town's only (competent) magical boys, he almost singlehandedly protected their community from the dark creatures that tried to tear it down.

Now, at the age of 21, Kotori is finally old enough to pursue her own magical girl dreams in the biggest city of them all: Larimar.  However, she finds the life of a big city magical girl more difficult than anticipated, and soon the decision will threaten her life.


Kaida Hikari, a slightly older magical girl, becomes inseparably close to her during this ordeal, but will their bond be enough to get them through it, or will they crack under the pressure of being the city's guardians?

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What is your moon connection?


Magical boys, gals, and nonbinary pals draw power from the world's five moons, each of which is associated with a different Goddess.

Whichever moon you were born under determines the Goddess you have the strongest connection to, and some believe it can even determine your default personality.

Take the quiz below to determine which Goddess your personality meshes with the most, and by extension which kind of magical person you'd be.

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